The King’s Touch Ministry

King’s Touch Ministry is a nonprofit organization mission’s outreach arm of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, The King’s Palace, Katy Texas. It was founded on 11th October 2013 in response to the growing number of people of diverse ethnic, social, and spiritual backgrounds experiencing homelessness in our society today and with the goal of transforming the lives of the homeless, destitute, captives, brokenhearted by the word of God; breaking every yoke, setting the captives free and establishing them in the house of the Lord.

Homelessness affects every aspect of the person, creating a feeling of hopelessness which impacts their health and self-esteem productivity. The King’s Touch Ministry addresses both the homeless physical needs, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. We empower the homeless to be employable, provide opportunities and resources to help them get back on their feet, for a healthy independent life, thereby breaking the cycle of homelessness in our society. The King’s Touch Ministry has accomplished these goals and objects so far towards the homeless community through the help of the mother church, RCCG The King’s Palace and some individual donors who have supported financially and with clothes and hygiene products

It started its first full service in March, 9th 2014, with 57 homeless men, women and children from the streets of Houston, conveyed with coach buses from the streets to the sanctuary for worship service at the RCCG The King’s Palace sanctuary at Katy, TX. We conduct bible studies every Wednesday at different parks in downtown Houston as to grow them in the word of God. The average attendants for the Sunday worship service are between 80 to 115, while the midweek Wednesday bible studies between 100 to 150. Many Lives are being impacted; receive salvation, healings and deliverance, joy and great hopes for life and self-esteem restored. At the end of every weekly service, our clients are served with lunch, cloths, shoes and some necessary groceries provided for them.

The King’s Touch Ministry is a haven and a safe net for the homeless and the destitute, where they build hope and confidence for the glorious future ahead. This journey to self-sufficiency is completed when the homeless emotional, physical and spiritual health and sanity is restored, families established and are secured in a transitional living center. . Our future objective is to build a permanent rehabilitation center and a homeless shelter to be able to fully accomplish the great service to God and to humanity.

About us

King’s Touch Ministry is a Christ centered faith based ministry, founded on biblical principles and practices dedicated to meeting the needs of the homeless, destitute and drug addicts, through structured programs which focus on the spiritual and physical transformation, education, development, employment, empowerment, and recovery from substance abuse and homelessness.

The King’s Touch Ministry is a haven and a safe net for the homeless and the destitute, where lives are transformed through the saving power of the word of God with evidence-based recovery program.

 Our Mission Statement

We pursue the mission of providing hope to the hopeless, creating opportunities that transform lives

Vision Statement:

“From the Streets to the Sanctuary, transforming lives, Establishing Souls”.

Our Services

  1. Reaching out to the homeless, destitute, captives, and the brokenhearted
  2. Helping the homeless, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and shelters for the homeless
  3. Attend to the psychological and spiritual well-being of our clients to break the cycle of homelessness.
  4. Transform lives and establish them for a happy independent life.
  5. Provide Spiritual Life Program (Chapel Services)
  6. Prayers and Counseling
  7. Clothing/shoes/blankets/tents/sleeping bags distribution
  8. Hygiene and related supplies
  9. Food Services
  10. Social Service Referrals
  11. Career Development and empowerment
  12. Agencies Partnership and case management

Ways to help/Volunteer

We are supported by generous and compassionate donors who want to see the lives of others changed to the glory of God. The transformation and restoration program at King’s Touch Ministry has been designed to give you the tools and opportunity necessary to break free from addiction and homelessness.

Want more/Need Help

If you are tired of homelessness and drug addiction and want to make a change, we can help, contact us today. The key to our success at King’s Touch Ministry is the power of the infallible word of God to transform and change lives through the ministry of the Holy Spirit