Healing & Help

Why ?

To spread the love of God amongst the seniors in nursing homes and increase the number making heaven by ministering to their needs spiritually, physically, and materially.

What are our Plans?

  • Minister to the senior citizens in Nursing homes spiritually, physically, and materially.

  • Initially begin with 2 homes and improve the quality of ministration by ensuring that all members attend the discipleship classes.

  • Minister together as one group to the 2 homes every 1st and last Saturday of every month.

  • Our Vision is to Increase the ministration to 4 homes by the end of the year as God increases our membership.

How do we achieve this?

  • Praying together as a ministry fortnightly.

  • Being our brothers keeper.

  • Interceding for one another in our individual prayer closet that we will be a light to the seniors as we visit them.

  • Continue celebrating the seniors birthday with monthly cakes to the 2homes.

  • Celebrate Valentine, Easter and Xmas with them to show our love.

What are our challenges?

  • Few members show up at each visit

  • Only 2 homes that we visit all the time.

  • Reduction in the number of seniors being ministered to as a result of shortage of activity staff at the weekend to bring them out.


  • More volunteers to join the ministry

  • Increase the number of homes to 4 before the end of the year.

  • Increase our prayer time to weekly (Saturday) instead of fortnightly.

  • Encourage the homes to employ an assistant for the activity manager who will be available on weekends to get the residents out for the ministration.

  • Encourage each other and intercede for one another for strength.

Who does what?

  • Ronke Soetan  –        Word ministration

  • Rachel Faluyi   –        Worship ministration

  • Nike Adeyemo –       Social planning

  • Uchenna Nwafor –   Logistics

  • Ibironke Balogun –   Treasurer

  • Faridat Brown      –    Refreshments

  • Mercy Egbon       –     Refreshments