Healing Help Ministry


  • Minister to the senior citizens in Nursing homes spiritually, physically and materially.
  • Initially began with 2 homes ministering on alternate Sundays before service and gradually increase as the number of volunteers increase.
  • In August 2021 changed to simultaneous ministration at the two homes every other Saturday.
  • Our Vision is to Increase the ministration to 4 homes by the end of the year 2023.

Strategy to achieving the mission statements:

  • Worship, short exhortation, and prayer with the residents of the homes for 20 mins.
  • Celebrate on monthly basis the elders’ birthday in the 2 homes.
  • Be a part of their Easter, Valentine, and Christmas celebrations by providing cakes and snacks.
  • Celebrate Father’s and Mother’s day with them with gift tokens.

The Strategy of Ministration:

  • Minister at the 2 homes simultaneously every other Saturday from 10—10.20 am.
  • The total time of all ministration must not exceed 20 mins so as not to excite those with Dementia and short attention span.
  • The message is simple and brief for easy understanding.


  • 2 Elders gave their lives during ministration.
  • Some requested to be prayed for.
  • We have witnessed the transformation in the lives of those who are eagerly looking forward to our ministration and have noticed the joy and peace they have compared to those who disdain the word of the Lord.
  • There appear to be a growing number of those who are eager to hear the Word and wish we would be there every week instead of the fortnight that we are presently doing.


  • Inadequate funds to meet the needs of the ministry
  • The inadequate number of workers to meet the target of the ministry imagine if we can boast of 8 active members we can cover 4 homes simultaneously.
  • Due to the nature of the ministry, we are constrained by HIPPA not to advertise our clients on social media the church

Which way forward?

  • If you have a passion to care for the elderly please see Sis Rachel Faluyi or Sis Nike Adeyemo.
  • If you cant go with us, you can send your money.
  • As you become a part of this ministry, the LORD will satisfy you with long life and your children will not abandon you in a Nursing home.