King's Justice Ministry

King's Justice Ministry


We are an interdenominational outreach ministry of the RCCG The King’s Palace.

Our mission is to create political reawakening, and provide legal and social services to our community.

Our ministry covers four areas of outreach concerns:

1. National Interest Governance & Politics:

The mission of the governance and politics team is to inform, engage, create and advance socio-political change among believers in order to foster sound transcendent values in our society.  They adopt the following strategies:
- Informing and educating believers to move beyond the Church and State dichotomy.  
- Engaging in the formulation and implementation of acceptable political beliefs, values and culture.
- Creating or modeling school of democracy among young believers.
- Advancing and promoting careers in public schools, school boards, colleges and government etc.

2. Immigration and Social Integration:

The first mission of the Immigration and Social Integration team is to ensure that new immigrants are assimilated into our communities seamlessly.

Some of the strategies used are:
- provide information about where to find language classes in order to overcome language barriers.
- provide guidance on transcript and credential evaluations for employment and academic purposes.
- provide information on how to obtain drivers’ license if eligible.
- provide information about available government aided social services which they may be eligible for and how to obtain them.

The second mission is in Legal Informational Services

We host a monthly immigration clinic every 3rd Saturday of the month between 10-2. There will be an attorney available to provide you with free legal consultation in immigration matters. We also organize ‘know your rights’ seminars in other areas of law.
Please stay tuned for important event dates.

3. Domestic Violence:

The mission of the Domestic Violence team is to create awareness of what domestic violence is and how to get help if you are victim of domestic violence. We understand the sensitivity of these matters and we assure you that your confidence will be maintained.

4. Freedom Mission (Prison Outreach)

1:33 American are incarcerated. 1:28 or 2.7million children have a parent incarcerated. These children  grow up in poverty, loneliness,  depression and  suffer social stigma .They in turn get in trouble with law and go to jail thereby creating a vicious cycle. 70 percent of the inmate released  are rearrested within 3 years the reason being that THE SOCIETY AND THE CHURCH REGARD AND TREAT THEM  AS THE MODERN DAY LEPERS.

Our ministry focus include:

- Offer support to the incarcerated while in prison.
- Work with them after they are released.
- Work with their families during and after.

To accomplish  this we need training and to work with established organization. Thus all members are required to attend  mandatory training by TDCJ.

Below is the dates for next year training.

This is a four hours training.
Venue: Crosswalk Center
2103 N  main street.  Houston. TX. 77009.
PH. 713-237-0880.

To join us or inquire about our services please click on the link (Get Connected Form) to complete the form or contact us at the following numbers: 832-861-1334;  347-615-4919;  832-866-4580

Our Contacts

5371 East Fifth Street,
Katy Texas 77493

Tel: 281 391 RCCG
Toll Free : (888) 660-4481

Fax: 281 391 7224

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Our Worship Schedule

Sunday Worship Service
9.30am –12.00noon

Search the Scriptures
8.45 – 9.25am

Workers Meeting
8.00 – 8.45am

Mid-Week Service
TUESDAY – 7.00PM – 9.00PM

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